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Offering a variety of high technology products and solutions that guide the global economy, Akyapak Makine has reached its 55th year in the sector with a specialized technical staff in different fields, qualified employees, R&D team, and senior managers. Established by a small team in 1962, Akyapak Makine continues its activities with its 320 employees in its 55th year with 25 thousand square meters of closed area production facilities in three different locations.

Akyapak Chairman Levent Akyapak expressed their satisfaction for celebrating the 55th anniversary in Turkey as one of the important players in the industry that provides added value by saying; "This year we celebrate our 55th birthday, Akyapak Makine is proud to be one of the quality and trustworthy brands known in the industry both in Turkey and abroad. We have a 35% market share in the domestic market, especially with our bending group. We continue to break new grounds in the sheet metal processing industry by producing the largest cylinder and profile bending machines in Turkey. We export 80% of our production to 98 countries in the world and carefully follow regional markets with our Russian and American offices." Saying that they reached their current worldwide status with their determination since the first day they were founded by following the innovations and technology closely, Levent Akyapak declared that they produced about 1500 machines in 2016. Levent Akyapak stated that they had performed the production and construction processes of many buildings in the world with NC and CNC cylinders, pipe and profile bending machines, flanging and dish-end presses, CNC profiles, plate and flange drilling, oxy & plasma cutting machines and welding solutions and he added: "We, as Akyapak, like to break new grounds. Besides producing the largest cylinder bending machine ever manufactured in Turkey, we proved our expertise, experience, and technology in the field once again by breaking another ground in hydraulic profile bending with the APK-800.

Our machine is able to bend a 490 x 130mm sheet to 3-meter diameter the hard way and an HEA-800 profile to 55-meter diameter the hard way. Our APK-800 model, which is the biggest hydraulic profile bending machine in our country, allows folding various profiles in various industries such as the construction and energy industry." Levent Akyapak pointed out that their brand was registered in 23 countries including USA, UK, Germany, India and China and told that besides product ranges for which they have patents and design certificates, nearly 20 of their R&D projects were supported by TÜBITAK. Levent Akyapak commented on the Industry 4.0 process which is a requirement for Turkey's global competitiveness and stated: "It is inevitable that the Industry 4.0 concept, also called the 4th Industrial Revolution triggered by digital technologies today, must be followed by machinery producers, one of the locomotive industries of our country's export, and beyond we must take our place among the practitioners of Industry 4.0. As Akyapak, we are ready to implement Industry 4.0 applications in our product ranges. As a manufacturer, we closely follow technologies that trigger Industry 4.0, bringing out its impact, opportunities and long-term road map on our own business models."


Providing information about the CNC hole drilling, marking and cutting lines in Akyapak 's product range and which can be produced by only a few producers in the world, Levent Akyapak stated that ADM models are designed for a variety of applications that require speed, precision, and unified solutions. Levent Akyapak emphasized their power in the industry with 3 ADM 1200 machines and said that they understood the investors very well and continued as follows: "The investors are often in a difficult process to find the right machine that meets their needs as well as to find the right solution. Investing in full automation may be a bigger and more dysfunctional investment than what the business can afford, and it may not be necessary at this point. But if the right solution can be chosen, return on investment will be maximized. As Akyapak, we offer optimized, high-tech solutions that add value to our customers' production." Levent Akyapak continued to provide information about the technical features of the 3 ADM models as follows:

"The 3 ADM model has three high-speed servo motors, three drilling units, and each drilling unit has the ability to move on a third side axis. These side axes allow machining of a profile with 500 mm strokes without driving. This feature allows you to process a profile efficiently without any material movement. Drilling, tapping, milling, marking, countersinking operations are performed independently on each surface of the profile. Therefore, the 'idle time' of the machine is considerably reduced with maximized processes and the ability of spindles to move on 3 axes. The 3 ADM CNC Profile Drilling Line eliminates manual interventions even for releasing work-pieces processed without loading material and therefore provides higher capacity with less labor."


Levent Akyapak stated that Akyapak's wide range of production alternatives was the best source of solutions that can meet the expectations of the industry, and said that they expanded their capacities in the field of welding machine production. Levent Akyapak expressed that they provide great convenience to producers especially with self-align rotators, and stated that: "Self-align rotators are ideal solutions for rotating work-pieces where the diameter of the work-piece is variable, such as tanks, pressure vessels, tower pipes, boilers, storage tanks, reactors, fuel tanks, etc. Wind tower, steel construction, chassis, vehicle cabinets, pressure vessels, tank, boiler, water heater and custom pipe producers, custom mill manufacturers, mining factories and shipyards increase productivity and quality by saving time and labor thanks to Akyapak's welding solutions."


Reminding that they are present in the market related to many different industries in the dish-end manufacturing industry with the product range they need, Levent Akyapak said: "The sensitive request for the lining of bases and ceilings of metal containers with or without pressure, thin or thick walls, cylinders can be swiftly solved with Akyapak's BMB and BMB-P series. We are the first choice solution partners of the LPG, LNG, fuel, food, autoclave, reactor industries."

Levent Akyapak stated that Akyapak continued to grow with its continuously renewing structure, and concluded his words by saying: "The meticulous quality processes, the careful inspection of each piece used in manufacturing and the use of globally branded materials, as well as the customer-focused approach based on the same high quality, high speed in all processes from order to product assembly ensures that they are one of the first choices of companies".

All product pictures existing in this catalog are representative and may not have exactly the same appearance and features with the machines to be produced later. Machine appearances and features are subject to change without any prenotification.
AKYAPAK, which is a long established company from Bursa, exporting metal-bending, cutting, and drilling machines to 112 countries in 6 continents is celebrating its 60thyear anniversary


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